Make more money with your Apps!

Over 1.000 advertisers bid on your mobile ad inventory in real-time (RTB)




1.000+ advertisers bid on your inventory

AddApptr gives you access to all premium AdNetworks and over 1.000 advertisers via Real Time Bidding (RTB) as well as premium ad servers. Get the maximum $$$ out of your ad inventory – AddApptr will optimize revenues for you.


AddApptr bundles the world’s top mobile AdNetworks in a single solution.


Over 1.000 advertisers are bidding on your mobile ad inventory, on a real time programmatic market place.


AddApptr optimizes both mediation and RTB channels and maximizes your ad revenues.


Google Expertise

AddApptr is one of the few members of Google’s Certified Publishing Partner (CPP) program. This means that AddApptr has access to many resources to improve management of Google products such as Doubleclick Ad Exchange, the largest RTB exchange in the world. AddApptr can help publishers to optimize their set up of Google products in order to make sure that maximum results are achieved.

Service Partners



Higher fillrate and more revenue

Higher Fillrate

AddApptr always delivers the highest possible fillrate. Only top advertisers and Ad Networks are integrated in the AddApptr solution. AddApptr make sure that at any time the highest paying ad is displayed in your app!

More Revenue

Reporting and analytics

The AddApptr dashboard delivers all important values and KPIs at a glance. AddApptr gathers all relevant data from all partner AdNetworks via server side reporting interfaces.

Ad Networks




Ad Formats

Session Times



Ad Server

Smart mobile ad serving solution

Cross Promotion

Barter Deals

Direct Campaigns

The AddApptr Ad Server enables you to run your own campaigns. This is a great tool to shift users from one of your apps to the other.

Trade traffic with other app developers in the AddApptr network and grow your audience together.

Use the AddApptr Ad Server to run your direct campaigns in your apps.

Case Studies

Before using AddApptr:
A few Ad Networks, no RTB access.
After AddApptr Integration:

Many Ad Networks plus RTB platform.
More revenues, less hassle to manage advertising operations.

Before using AddApptr:
2 Ad Networks.
After AddApptr Integration:

20+ Ad Networks plus RTB platform.
Over 100% increase in advertising revenues!

Before using AddApptr:
Integrated a few Ad Networks, € 20.000 monthly advertising revenues
After AddApptr Integration:

Freed up resources to work on apps,
over € 100.000 monthly advertising revenues.